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PVC-free closures for glass jars.

For manufacturing closures company Tin Cap uses only highest quality products. All materials are from reliable partners that have many years of experience.

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TIN CAP offers you PVC-free PT type 51 mm closures for glass jars.

If you are looking for packaging to protect the content and prolong the shelf life of your products, PVC-free PT type 51mm closures for glass jars are a perfect solution. Although PVC technology as existed for some time already, it has its drawbacks since the plasticizer is prone to contaminate food in glass containers. Therefore, the demand to create the caps which would ensure the foods inside the containers has occurred. Collaboration with our German partners has been successful and TIN CAP recommends and offers the use of innovative PT type 51mm closure without any plasticizing additives which makes the caps suitable for jars containing a variety of foods.

PVC-free PT type 51mm closures are a modern and safe solution to ensure the protection of food content in glass jars.

More about TIN CAP

TinCap PT type 51mm closure:

Ø 51mm
PVC-free liner
Good image
No migration of undesirable substances into foodstuffs
Suitable for hot-filling followed by pasteurization
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