TIN CAP PVC-free closures
for glass jars

For manufacturing closures company Tin Cap uses only highest quality products. All materials are from reliable partners that have many years of experience.


Granulate PROVALIN® is used as sealing material for production of closures. The product is an intermediate plastic material. It is a polymer mixture, consisting of thermoplastic elastomer, polyolefin and additives. It contains no PVC, no BPA and no ingredients, which could be regarded as active packaging materials. Granulate has a perfect compatibility with BPA-NI coating system used by the company. This composition of granulate and coating system offers you the highest quality product. It is harmless for your health and reduces migration of lubricants to absolute minimum.

Coating system

Coating system used by Tin Cap is in line only with highest quality standards. BPA-NI


This table shows migration in jars with PVC and PROVALIN®. PVC plasticizer migration continues over time. PROVALIN® shows only initial migration of lubricants and it doesn’t change. Migration stays stable over time, securing migration being in specification until end of shelf life. The information contained here is accurate and reliable as of the date of publication. The information above applies to the final packaging, which is intended to come or is brought into contact with foodstuff.

TinCap PT type 51mm closure:

Ø 51mm
PVC-free liner
Good image
No migration of undesirable substances into foodstuffs
Suitable for hot-filling followed by pasteurization